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The exam was commenced in the online mode only. In Reading Comprehension, there are 3 passages with 8 questions each and one passage with 5 questions. The questions from quantitative ability are of moderate difficulty level.

The DI section focused strongly on data adequacy and logical thinking. It is expected that with the overall difficulty level of IBSAT as medium, the cutoff this year will also be between 60 and 69 for the various IBS institutes.

IBSAT Paper Analysis Students were allotted 2 hours to attempt total multiple-choice questions with five probable answers to each question. There were 30 minutes for each of the 4 sections. Each correct answer was set for 1 mark, and there was no negative marking. Total 50 questions were covered from the Verbal Ability section, 30 from Reading Comprehension, 30 from Quantitative Ability and remaining 30 from Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.

The overall difficulty level of the paper was medium. However, there were all types of questions in the paper with evenly distributed difficulty level as easy, medium and tough. The overall difficulty level of the Verbal Ability section was easy. Some of the vocabulary questions were difficult but the grammar part was easier. Reading Comprehension In the Reading Comprehension section, 3 passages contained 8 questions each, and the fourth passage contained 5 questions.

All these passages were of around words. Some of the questions related to these passages were direct and factual. However, few were a bit tricky and time-consuming.

The difficulty level of 10 of the questions in this section was easy, for 9 questions it was medium, and for the remaining 10, it was difficult. The difficulty level of the questions from Quantitative Ability was moderate. This section actually was a good mixture of problems including arithmetic, geometry and analytical geometry.

The questions were framed on speed, distance and time, ratio proportion, work problems, heights, progressions, probability and percentages. The difficulty level of 7 questions was easy, that of 17 it was medium, and for remaining 6, it was difficult. Most of the question in the paper had questions on pi graphs and line graphs. Few other questions were on percentage change and ratio between two values.

The difficulty level of 8 questions was easy, that of 17, it was medium, and for the remaining 5, it was tough. Applicants will be needed to provide the required credentials i.

You will be able to download the PDF copy of the answer key of the paper set in which you attempted the exam. Additionally, you will also be able to print the copy of the answer key and use it for your reference. When the result of IBSAT will be declared later, you can use this answer key to match the answers you attempted in the exam with the correct answers provided in the key.

This will help you to calculate the tentative marks that you are likely to score in the IBSAT exam. This will also give you an idea of shortlisting the IBS institutes where you are seeking admission. The overall scores of the candidates will be taken into consideration for preparing the final list for offering admissions to the IBS colleges. Each participating institution releases their separate cutoff for MBA courses.

IBSAT cutoff will be the minimum mark that you will require to get selected for further rounds of the admission process. Following is the cutoff of IBS colleges for the last 2 years.


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