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The difficulty level of mocks was accurately set, and the challenges faced in each mock prepared me for the actual battle. The level of sophistication in the analysis part made the improvement even easier. I reckon SimCETs to be one of the major driving forces in my success. The mocks were designed in such a way that the series covered almost every topic in every section. The analysis part was equally good as it helped me learn new shortcuts and time-saving tricks.

Thank you IMS! Kudos to the test analysis IMS provided which helped me carve out the best strategy for the actual exam. In-depth analysis of result was very useful. Sectional tests were well structured. Overall, I had very pleasant experience with IMS.

This is one of the test series that maximum aspirants purchase and that helps to gauge your performance vis a vis others more accurately. The quality of questions and varying difficulty levels of mocks prepare you for any kind of paper.

The experts take after the mock helped to understand the correct strategy that should have been adopted, the mistakes that can be avoided and the type of questions to look out for.

Since CET is a speed based test, time taken per question by you vis a vis the top 10 students, accuracy of top ten students. The solutions also highlight the shortcuts that can be adopted especially in Quant and DI. All in all this is one test series I would recommend every aspirant to purchase. All my CET preparation were based on analysis of mocks and sectional tests wherein I feel CET tests our elementary aptitude skills and rigorous practice is the only key to crack it.

I had enrolled for IMS mock series on Feb and found it to be challenging which gave me a brief overview of what could be expected on the D-Day. The plethora of sectional and topic wise tests helped me improve one part at a time.

A tip for the upcoming CET aspirants I would like to give is strategize clearly and keep your confidence high during the entire phase of your preparation. Needless to say, by appearing for its mocks, my level of preparation increased substantially and helped me obtain a good score.

Even as a test series student, the Application Builder Question Bank gave me access to a large variety of questions. The take home SimCATs were quite challenging, specifically the Quant section, and that proved to be a good practice before the actual CAT which had a difficult Quant section.

The GD WAT handbook had consolidated all the major current events, and this helped me get a good introduction to various topics, before moving on to reading articles and editorials.

Thank you to IMS for all the support and help! I had also registered for the Test Series for CAT, and to my pleasant surprise, the assessment this time around was far more detailed and helpful. The test analysis interface was extremely smooth, and the website was also pretty adept at handling high traffic-scenarios, thus ensuring minimal downtimes.

As a test series taker, you do not expect constant interactions with centre faculties or administration officials. But from day 1, I was made to feel like part of a family. I was welcomed, almost cajoled! Shaminder Sir at IMS Thane is an incredible mentor, and he has this incredible quality of instantly connecting with people and making them comfortable. I was fortunate that I was based out of Thane and got an opportunity to make his acquaintance. Apart from that, the IMS Club Whatsapp Group enabled me to connect with some brilliant and unique folks over love for vocabulary, shared interests, and common aspirations.

But, the real highlight of my incredible IMS experience has to be the opportunity to meet and learn from the legendary Scrabbler. Having heard people utter his name in hushed reverence in CAT circles, just the opportunity to meet him for the first time was enormous.

We know that he is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable beyond imagination. But the man behind the moniker is also incredibly helpful, and extremely humble. It was my good fortune that I got to interact with him, not just about CAT, but about any topic under the sun and sometimes beyond. A lot of our interests matched as well, and I can confidently say that not only has he helped improve my CAT performance, but he also helped me improve as a person, and there cannot be any bigger takeaway than that.

My approach to the paper was one recommended by various seniors. Absolute concept clarity was the core objective, complemented by consistent and dedicated mock test taking and analysis. Initially, there were objections raised as to the difficulty of IMS mocks being higher than the other institutes and previous year CAT papers. The SimCATs have been very well designed. Also, the Club sessions was very helpful to fine-tune the preparation.

The simulated tests not only resembled the actual CAT, but they also provided sufficient variations to prepare students for an unexpected exam.

Nimish Sir, at IMS Andheri was in constant touch with me and provided the necessary support before and after the exam. I believe IMS help me reach my potential. I was looking for a comprehensive and extensive test series and IMS succeeded in providing the same. Even though I was a test series student, my mock performance got me a chance to be a part of a club for which special classes were conducted and queries entertained. The faculty have always been supportive. The GDPI sessions which were conducted currently were also very helpful.

The interview coaching offered by IMS was wonderful. They did not just focus on preparing answers to the questions that might be asked in the interview. This has not just helped me in my interview but has also given me a much better perspective about myself.

Through the National Achievers workshop, I was able to interact with people who had provided me with a good snapshot of current affairs and the economy. This allowed me to focus on learning more about the field of interest while being up-to-date with other fields at the same time. My time at IMS has really helped me not just prepare for the interviews, but also get a better idea of myself and for that, I am grateful to IMS. Once again, I wish to thank IMS for all their help and support.

And I am glad to say my choice was right. The faculty is very good and they were easily approachable whenever I needed guidance. The classroom sessions along with the extensive course material helped me grasp concepts well. The SimCATs and the mock tests for other exams were extremely useful. They gave me a clear idea of how the actual tests would be. I was able to give my best in the exams thanks to IMS. However, the next 8 months of preparation showed me a level of coaching I had never seen before.

The student portal of IMS is sheer brilliance. I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, my mentor Nimish sir for always being available for all my doubts and all my teachers from the NLR and the Andheri centers for their guidance and proficiency.

It is definitely a must do for all CAT aspirants. The faculty at IMS was also equally helpful and was always friendly and approachable.

I joined the coaching bit late, but I was given notes for the classes I missed, which were helpful to me. From the first class itself I saw that the teachers were very patient with the students and responded to all the questions raised in class. The teaching was proper throughout and workshop sessions were helpful in solving difficult questions and previous CAT questions. The classes were 2 hours long with an excellent pace of studies which helped me cover the chapters quickly.

The interactive and responsive attitude of teachers made all classes interesting. It improved my speed and refined all concepts further. Overall, I would like to say that with proper timings and strategies for particular classes, best faculty and a wonderful interactive session, IMS provides a group of students who study in a pseudo class like and friendly environment. I would like to thank all the IMS staff for their constant support and hope that the institution helps more aspiring MBA students.

The faculty was approachable at all times, with discussions ranging from prepping for the tests to discussing B-school experiences. They would go out of their way to help anyone facing problems with learning even after classroom hours. The spectrum of difficulty levels across the mocks prepares one to handle most scenarios that would turn up on the D-day. The only thing one needs to ensure is consistency, the guidance can be left to IMS.

I would like to thank all teachers and staff at IMS for the continuous support I received from them. Wish you all the best! The teachers were really helpful and always willing to help me out in my weaker areas. The online material available was best-in-class. More importantly, the actual CAT exam was very very similar to what most of our mocks SimCATs were, both in terms of content as well as the interface.

Hence I felt very well equipped to handle any kind of situation during CAT. Whenever I felt like giving up on CAT, he kept me motivated and helped me bring my focus back. All in all, I want to thank everyone at IMS for helping me in this journey. Sauvik and Rajesh Sir were extremely helpful and were always there to solve any doubts. The online test series provided improved my confidence and helped me tackle the GRE. Once again I would like to thank the dedication and effort from the whole team.

The solutions were very well explained with a structured approach and the video solutions were exceptional. I am really grateful to the entire IMS team for their amazing efforts.

The mock tests that IMS conducts are very close to the actual CAT, and the continuous assessment through these mock tests really built my confidence. Divyanshu Sir and Shesh are amazingly supportive and helpful when you need help for your college forms and applications. Thank you both, and thank you to IMS! I had taken mocks of all the major players, but the mocks of IMS stand out. The mocks were really close to the actual CAT paper.

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Student willing to join Classroom program can write to support imsindia. Terms and Conditions Scholarships are applicable only if the student takes the SimCAT within the test window period only. No two scholarships can be clubbed. In any such case the higher of the 2 shall be considered. Applicable for CAT programs only and the above scholarships are applicable till 10th May


SIMCAT 13 [Self Proctored] (18th Oct - 22nd Oct)

Valid Caste Certificate is required. We suggest you also mention your contact number in case we need to get in touch with you regarding any further information we may require. If this is not followed, no refund will be provided for the extra fee paid with respect to the applicable waiver. Waiver policy and Prices are subject to change without prior notice and no refund will be provided under any circumstances. For any queries, please contact us on ims imsindia. If you wish the centre to get in touch with you, please register your details here. For any other queries, please write to us at enquiry imsindia.


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