Joseph F. Girzone in Michael P. Girzone, a retired Roman Catholic priest whose popular inspirational novels starring a Christlike figure named Joshua were lauded and condemned in equal measure for their theological perspective, died on Nov. He was Newly retired from the pulpit, Father Girzone became a salesman for the Olivetti corporation in order to acquire a computer on which to produce it.

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Welcome to the journey of a lifetime, where you are likely to question your understanding of God and Jesus Christ. I first encountered this book in high school, and just re-read it to be in solidarity with my freshmen who have this for summer reading. Some of the lessons I gained were the same, but many were different. I highly recommend that you What would you do if Jesus was living up the street from you?

I highly recommend that you take this spiritual journey, to learn more about God and more about yourself. I would say the biggest problem I had was with the dialogue. Every page turns into a sermon, and subtlety is nowhere to be found. There are a lot of positive aspects of the book, though. As stated, I think the concept is outstanding.

How would we interact with This book suffers from the same syndrome that I believe ails most Christian fiction: a fantastic concept with weak execution. How would we interact with Jesus if He returned today? I just wish that the author had a more subtle touch. Not only did it seem a bit presumptuous how can we know the mind of Jesus? I love the idea that we should be able to recognize Jesus by what he does, and going into his Biblical memories was too pushy for me.


Should I Read the Novel “Joshua” by Fr. Joseph Girzone?

Early life[ edit ] Girzone was born in Albany, New York , to Peter, a butcher, and Margaret Girzone, the oldest of their twelve children. It was a struggling family, which experienced the shame of eviction during his childhood. A few years later he chose to leave the order in favor of life as a secular priest and was accepted by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. He then served at various parishes of the diocese, in the course of which he became active in advocating for the elderly. He was a driving force in the formation of the Office for the Aging of Montgomery County. In , however, Girzone was diagnosed with a heart condition and hypertension which was judged to be fatal, leading him to retire from active ministry. He published his first novel, Joshua, in , which was the first of a whole series of books which had the premise of Jesus Christ returning to earth and living as an itinerant carpenter.


Joseph F. Girzone, Who Created Christlike Figure in ‘Joshua’ Novels, Dies at 85



Joseph F. Girzone


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