It was compiled in the midth century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older. Weyer does not cite, and is unaware of, any other books in the Lemegeton, indicating that the Lemegeton was derived from his work, not the other way around. The order of the spirits was changed between the two, four additional spirits were added to the later work, and one spirit Pruflas was omitted. This portion of the work was later translated by S. Crowley added some additional invocations previously unrelated to the original work, as well as essays describing the rituals as psychological exploration instead of demon summoning. Rituals not found in Steganographia were added, in some ways conflicting with similar rituals found in the Ars Goetia and Ars Paulina.

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Tweet Description: 72 Demons of the ars Goetia list documentary 1. King Bael 2. Duke Agares 3. Prince Vassago 4. Marquis Samigina 5. President Marbas 6. Duke Valefor 7. Marquis Amon 8. Duke Barbatos 9. King Paimon President Buer Duke Gusion Prince Sitri King Beleth Marquis Leraje Duke Eligos Duke Zepar Duke Bathin Duke Sallos King Purson Duke Aim Marquis Naberius Duke Berith Duke Astaroth Marquis Forneus President Foras King Asmoday Count Furfur Marquis Marchosias Prince Stolas Marquis Phenex Count Halphas President Malphas Duke Focalor Duke Vepar Marquis Sabnock Marquis Shax Count Bifrons Duke Vual Duke Crocell Knight Furcas King Balam Duke Alloces President Caim Prince Orobas Duke Gremory President Ose President Amy Marquis Orias Duke Vapula President Valac Marquis Andras Duke Haures Marquis Andrealphus Marquis Cimeies Duke Amdusias King Belial Marquis Decarabia Prince Seere Duke Dantalion Count Andromalius Goetia refers to a practice which includes the invocation of angels or the evocation of demons, and usage of the term in English largely derives from the 17th century grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section.

It contains descriptions of the evocation of seventy-two demons, famously edited by Aleister Crowley in as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King.


Ars Goetia

An early woodcut image of Orobas. Vassago also Vasago, Usagoo is a mighty Prince of Hell see Hierarchy of demons , ruling over twenty-six legions of demons. He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature. He is called Vassago. Sitri [5] also spelled Bitru, Sytry is a Great Prince of Hell, and reigns over sixty legions of demons. He causes men to love women and vice versa, and can make people bare themselves naked if desired.


Nature of Spirits in the Goetia

Tweet Description: 72 Demons of the ars Goetia list documentary 1. King Bael 2. Duke Agares 3. Prince Vassago 4.



Seal in Gold. Bael; 9. Paimon; Beleth; Purson; Asmoday;


The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King

The first principal spirit is a king ruling in ye East, called Bael. This is his Character wch is to be worne as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not doe you homage. The second spirit is a Duke called Agares, he is under ye power of ye East and cometh up in the form of a fair Old man riding upon a Crocodill, very mildly, carrying a goshawke on his fist. This is his seal. The 4th spirit is called Gamigin, a great Marquise, he appereth in ye forme of a litle horse or asse and then into humane shape he putteth himself at ye request of ye Master and speaketh wth a horse voice; he teaches all Liberall siences, and giveth and account of ye dead soules of them that dye in sin. This is his seal, wch is to be worne by the Magician when he Invocateth. Else not.

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