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Reviewed by Brian Gill on October 19, GE Logiq e: Most Versatile Refurbished Portable Ultrasound Machine Among the top and best-selling portable ultrasound machines, the GE Logiq e is a go-to system for those looking for a mid-range shared service ultrasound machine that is good for all modalities.

Available as a new or refurbished system, the Logiq e has become the most popular and trusted portable ultrasound machines on the market. Over the years, the Logiq e has had many improvements.

Recent versions have improved cardiac capabilities making it an ideal ultrasound for mobile companies providing a wide range of services.

A stress echo option makes the Logiq e a complete shared service ultrasound machine. The Logiq e is available for both human and veterinary markets. Volusons provide excellent image quality, ergonomic design, ease-of-use, and the best 4D in the business. For those looking for the best refurbished 4D ultrasound machine, the GE Voluson e8 is a best-bet for performance and price.

There are a number of probes designed for this, including high frequency linear and microconvex transducers. Both systems are our most popular systems in their price range. Within months of its release, it became one of our most popular ultrasound machines for sale. This shared service ultrasound machines provides excellent image quality, versatility, and performance at a great price and a long warranty. Some of the most popular applications for the EBit 60 have been for venous and phlebology practices seeking an ultrasound that has solid image quality, good PW Doppler, and at a price that allows them to buy multiple units for multiple locations.

We have assisted these facilities in creating special custom settings that ensure consistency among all systems. With Needle Guidance software, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction Imaging, CW Doppler, and an excellent price and warranty, the EBit 60 has become the most popular and best-selling mid-range ultrasound system for sale.

Simple, durable, and fast, the SonoSite M-Turbo is a great choice for physicians who are using the ultrasound for applications that use fewer measurements and calculations… where the system is used more as an imaging tool to evaluate tissue or guide a needle, rather than a full-time system.

Its lightweight and durable design make the M-Turbo ideal for point-of-care and emergency department uses. It boots quickly and is ready for scanning within seconds of boot-up. This is among the most common choices for physicians doing needle injections or other point-of-care application. Filter These Results.


New & Used Ultrasound, Cardiac, Siemens, ACUSON CV70

In , Acuson was acquired by Siemens, which has since merged the respected Acuson line of products in with the highly regarded Siemens ultrasound products. The combined experience and technology of the two companies mean that used Acuson ultrasound machines are always in demand because of their reliability, performance and durability. One of the most popular models is the used Acuson Sequoia ultrasound machine. The Sequoia was first introduced in and since then has become one of the most powerful and versatile full-size machines on the market. Along with the high performance model called the Acuson Sequoia ultrasound machine, both models are perfect for applications from OB-GYN to vascular to cardiac and more. If you want portability, a good used Acuson ultrasound system is the Acuson P10, a hand-held model that weighs less than two pounds and can go anywhere at anytime. Over its long history, Acuson has earned recognition for producing quality ultrasound machines that combine the latest technology with easy to use features.


New & Used Ultrasound, Cardiac, Siemens, ACUSON CV70


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