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And if part of that mindset was wishful thinking, well, it was nevertheless damnably difficult to resist. As expected, there were many references to Donald Trump and his lack of Emmys. But, all things considered, it was damn near impossible to resist the lure of the fantasy world created by the Emmys, one in which performers and artists from all backgrounds were celebrated for their excellence. And host Stephen Colbert skillfully brought viewers to a place that was witty and sleek; occasionally slow but more often sincere.

A woman, Reed Morano, was declared the best director of a dramatic series. An African-American woman, Lena Waithe, was one of the winners in the the best comedy-writing category, and in her speech, she thanked her girlfriend. Not much of the political humor went for the jugular: Trump was the target of gibes that made him seem like an irascible uncle. Even worse, Sean Spicer, who came out on stage with his own portable lectern, was made out to be a goofball.

But Trump is not just an aging celebrity with a temper, and Spicer was part of an administration that has disdain for the truth and the rule of law. But study after study shows that TV is still slow to change and diversify.

TV as a whole still depicts women in stereotypical ways and is slow to give them jobs as creators, according to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. The executive producers and directors who tells stories on the small screen, by every statistical measure, are still for the most part straight white men. But it was not on Colbert to solve that particular problem, and all things considered, he was a fine host. The broadcast as a whole was generally energetic, and Colbert expertly bridged the gap between edgy, in-the-know comedian and warm, keep-it-moving host.

It was thrilling to see Sterling K. Brown win — and it was a bit maddening when the band played him off early. Thank all of the TV gods for Ann Dowd. Her Emmy win also provided the ceremony with a dose of heartfelt emotion at its midpoint, when it needed it most.

It was sweet and wonderful when Ahmed paid tribute to one of its executive producers, James Gandolfini. When Cicely Tyson came out, you could feel a ripple of electricity go through the crowd. Same with Norman Lear and Carol Burnett. They were royalty, as was Oprah Winfrey, to whom so many paid homage throughout the show.

For the love of God, RuPaul did a bit in which the Emmy statue was interviewed. And it was funny! A declaration and an aspiration: That felt about right. You done good, Emmys.


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Emmys Review: Sleek, Sincere, but We’ve Still Got a Long Way to Go


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