Some competitive oils may meet these minimum J20 specifications, but none meet the performance requirements placed on Hy-Gard oil. HyTrans Fluid Sinopec Hydraulic-Transmission Multifunctional Fluid Pack Size: 55 Gallon Drum Extreme high performance universal tractor transmission fluid designed to meet or exceed hydraulic and transmission fluid requirements and to reduce wet brake and power take-off PTO chatter. It insures excellent performance in agriculture and commercial tractors operating in a wide range of environments and conditions, and is particularly useful in equipment where a common lubrication system supplies oil for different applications. One dealer parts guy freely admitted the bulk fluid was not Hy-Tran, and while the other parts guy was a little cagey, one of the wrenches out back had no problem telling me. Maybe it once was. All the oil out there for which I could get Product Specification Sheets claimed to be compatible with, or to meet or exceeded this standard.

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CASE have chosen AKCELA lubricants because they optimise the performance of every machine and each of its mechanical parts engine, transmission, hydraulics, cooling system. High Viscosity Stability at all working temperatures, oxidation stability and shear stability, even in severe working conditions. Thanks to its formulation, it provides excellent water tolerance in the hydraulic and transmission circuit, including wet brakes, which could otherwise compromise full efficiency.

Standard fluids start to experience problems at 0. Excellent protection against wear and corrosion of the transmission components, improving their durability. It also optimises the performances of latest generation CVT transmissions and of the clutch in the current Powershift transmissions. Formulated to ensure high grade protection for new generation low emissions engines, it can be perfectly used also for other engine types. Having metthe strict technical standards, and passed the severe field and engine bench tests required, it has obtained by CNH Industrial the official approval MAT Does not require the use of supplemental coolant additives SCAs.

Prevents cylinder liner cavitation and protects the cooling system from electrochemical corrosion generated by parasitic currents. Reduces the formation of deposits in the cooling system to enhance pump efficiency and duration and improves heat transfer capability.

Yellow coloured product. Thanks to its special additives, it optimises the protection of the Diesel Particulate Filter DPF maintaining high efficiency and preserving its duration.


case hytran equivalent


ACI 318-92 PDF

Akcela Actifull OT


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