Words: 3, Language: English. Published: May 22, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Elsie would have made an excellent silent screen movie star because she was dramatic and glamorous. She would have given Gloria a run for her money. Words: 93,

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Words: 3, Language: English. Published: May 22, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Elsie would have made an excellent silent screen movie star because she was dramatic and glamorous. She would have given Gloria a run for her money. Words: 93, Published: November 13, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing.

The Zombies Next Door 2. One Smart Zombie 3. Zombies to the left 4. Words: 19, Zombies to the Left www. Words: 7, Published: October 6, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Will she get it? Of course she will. What a girl wants Price: Free! Life is blah. But when Heaven sends an Angel and the North Pole sends an Elf to her rescue, maybe the holiday season is looking up.

Words: 15, Published: August 2, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. But he left her. Someone who will remain true to her. Alaric, her vampire ex-lover, is not about to allow that to happen. He needs her. He loves her. She is also the key to him getting something he dearly wants - Maverick House — it is his birthright. He wants possession of Maverick House. He is fighting his cousin Alaric over it. When he learns from his housekeeper, Polly, that the house is his for the taking if he just kisses one particular woman, he knows nothing can be that simple.

Words: 23, Published: February 16, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. When a two-hundred year old vampire, a vampire hunter and zombie master get together, Jack realizes the least of her problems is a wedding. As for love? Words: 21, Published: January 20, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing.

When she stands on the beach and calls out for someone to take her away, the last thing she expects is someone to act on it. Words: 13, Problem is, people at her work want to meet David, her truck driving husband.

Her best friend Fiona has a brother called David. All he has to do is be at her side. How hard could that be? Words: 8, Published: January 19, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. They work in the same office. Neither has made a move on the other. A silly suggestion by a friend has Tamra looking at Matt in a different light. Could she screw him over to win the coveted office trip? While Tamra cares nothing for the trip, the man is different.

He wants sex — hard, dirty and his way. Published: December 29, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Their fate has always been aligned with that of the Carrick Vampire. Amargein Carrick is intrigued by Sorcha. Unlike the others, she can see and hear him. They have a connection. This could change his lonely existence forever. Words: 12, Published: December 14, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing.

Last Easter, at their fifteen year high school reunion, he had the best sex ever with Mannie. Words: 24, Her Aunt Nell is a sword wielding octogenarian. The question is can she keep alive long enough to sort out her feelings?

Words: 25, Published: April 29, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. She needs a change. On a drunken whim, she accepts a job working in a small hotel in the outback town of Mundabucka. Who needs them?

Never, ever again. Local cowboy Evan Bates is not one to say never and makes it only too obvious why she needs men, sex and him specifically. Published: April 23, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. There were zombies to kill and bad guys to deal with. Her mother? She wants money and is dating a zombie. This is not the father figure Jack wants.

What is it with him? Published: January 24, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Have axe and attitude, will travel. In her tropical home town of Cairns the zombies are getting restless. Her do-gooder sister is in town, her next door neighbors are weird and three men lust after her body. What does he want from her?

Words: 37, Published: September 21, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Fate has plans to use her for his own means. So does Collier Worthington. Words: 22, She needs a man. It has been so long since anyone has touched her in passion. Two men want Jontie. An angel and a demon both know she has a decision to make that can affect the lives of many.

Published: September 16, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing. Her unapologetic lust for sex intrigued him. She was sexy, beautiful and would soon be his. That others shared her body was irrelevant. In the end she would belong to him alone. Millicent is unaware that the man who has haunted her dreams is about to step back into her life and make them a reality. Will she be up to the hot, demanding challenge Price: Free! Words: 5, Published: September 14, by Scarlet Harlot Publishing.


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She turned to her friend and waited for the response. It was only when her doctor confirmed it that she had been lost for words. Izzy pushed the shoulder length brown hair from her neck. It was hot and sticky in Cairns. He used a condom.


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