Before first time use of the unit, ensure the battery insulator sticker is removed. If the problem still exists, there might be battery contact issue on that particular unit. We will reach out to you via email to see how we can further assist. Rated 1 out of 5 Empiusa — September 12, The tester was malfunctioning right out of the box The tester only works intermitantly due to the battery cap not positively locking to a position to function. Instead of Amprobe fixing that problem, they discontinued that model and came out with this new version.

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Page 4: Warning I. Use of rubber gloves is a good safety practice even if the equipment is properly operated and grounded. Safety is the responsibility of the operator.

Use extreme caution when using the instrument around energized electrical equipment. Jaws Assembly: Enclose electrode or ground rod. No air gap is allowed between two half jaws. Rotary Switch: Turn power on and select the desired function. Page 6: Lcd Display IV. Function Display current selected function or current record number. Digits Display value from 0 to with decimal point. Ohm Symbol will be shown in and alarm functions.

Page 7: Operation Instruction V. Ground Resistance Measurement Open the jaws and make sure the jaws mating surfaces are clean and free of dust, dirt or any foreign substance. Snap the jaws closed a few times to let the jaws sit on the best mating position. Page R GlobalTestSupply www. Page 9 GlobalTestSupply www.

Page High And Low Alarm High and Low Alarm 1. Set the rotary switch to the position 2. So they are method to disable one of the HI or LO alarm. Turn the power on, and set the rotary switch at the mA or A position. Clamp on to the electrode or ground rod. Read the value of leakage current displayed in LCD.

GlobalTestSupply www. Page Setting The Sampling Interval Setting the Sampling Interval 1. The unit shows the current sampling interval in seconds. The current record number is shown in the upper row of LCD. And the data is displayed in the lower row of LCD.

Page 15 circuit is shown in Figure A. If a constant voltage is applied to the circuit, the following equation will be derived. R Figure A FigureB


Amprobe DGC-1000A User Manual

Rated 5 out of 5 Petroelectrician — April 23, Chase the inspector!!!!! We have used this tool for simple functions like only installing one ground rod and verifying reading to ground on a service upgrade or new install, to inspecting motor grounding. On a motor grounding job where hp motors were failing on a continuous basis, we were able to pinpoint the lack of proper grounding that was causing harmonics and energizing armature shaft, to the point where it was reading v. On that job alone this tool proved invaluable and allowed the customer to save thousands on downtime and predictive maintenance. If you are an industrial electrician or even a commercial or residential guy there are many applications that this tool will become a gem in your tool-bag that in previous times would be impossible to read without shunts and extra setup….

1N4733A PDF

Amprobe DGC-1000A Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester



Amprobe VP-1000SB Non-Contact Voltage Probe with Shaker



DGC-1000A 钳式接地电阻测试仪


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