Korb der Frucht , c. Caravaggios Innovation war ein radikaler Naturalismus , die enge physische Beobachtung mit einer dramatischen kombiniert, auch theatralisch, Verwendung von Chiaroscuro , der kam wie bekannt sein tenebrism die Verschiebung von hell bis dunkel mit wenig Zwischenwert. Der Heilige Franz von Assisi in Ekstase c. Die Falschspieler -andere naive Jugend von Privilegienwelche die Opfer von Karten Cheats fallen - ist noch psychologisch komplex und vielleicht erste wahre Meisterwerk Caravaggios.

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Not every book gives you insight like "Dedicating himself to his art, Caravaggio would shut himself up for feverish spurts of activity The book perhaps sums up the artist best as, "Devoid of the distancing patina of age, his paintings address the modern viewer with uncommon directness.

The very immediacy of religious intensity, violence, and palpable sensuality implicates the viewer, who is tempted to straddle the line between passive observer and voyeur. Chiaroscuro and tenebrism rocked the art world and the book vividly depicts his creation and evolution of these devices.

Along those lines, the Rijksmuseum has an excellent online version of an exhibition comparing Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Interesting and previously unexplored scholarship. However, if you are studying Caravaggio in depth, you will want more than Catherine Puglisis excellent book. In particular, Howard Hibbs book,Caravaggio. For meditation purposes on his work, this would be the book to own.

Lately, I have been revisiting Caravaggio with a more zen type approach. This has resulted in a renewed appreciation of his work along with a revived curiosity about his life. Im pretty sure Beautiful and complete reproductions. I believe it was a golden hand that happened to create the most psychologically and aesthetically arresting examples of Christian and Catholic artwork.

Perhaps we do the message of his work an injustice with so sharp a divide between what we think we know about Caravaggio and his faith with the product of his talent?


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