Paper 01 under CIMA certificate is about Management Accounting and even though syllabus has been defined to make it easier even for the first timers but it will be much better that students with accounting background will find it easier to get along with the syllabus. CIMA C01 Fundamentals of Management accounting paper starts from the scratch by building up the basics about management accounting and the role of CIMA in development of this vast subject. In this course students get familiar with the basic quantitative decision making techniques used by managers and how cost and management accounting can help manage the business by providing valuable aid in planning and control. CIMA C1 requires a lot of practice and reading and both numerical and discursive proficiency is expected from students. Syllabus is divided into five major portions where each portion carries much to be understood.

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C01 has transitioned to BA2. This subject deals with the basic techniques for the identification and control of costs and cost management. It introduces the context of management accounting in commercial and public sector bodies and its wider role in society. It identifies the position of the management accountant within organisations and the role of CIMA.

Classification of costs and cost behaviour provides a basis for understanding the various tools available for planning, control and decision making. Budgetary control requires the setting of targets and standards while the analysis of variances demonstrates the levels of performance within organisations.

Accounting control mechanisms are identified and applied to provide information to managers to achieve operational efficiency. Investment appraisal, break-even analysis and profit maximising are used to aid both long and short-term decision making.

Summary of syllabus Each subject is divided into a number of broad syllabus topics. A percentage weighting is shown against each syllabus topic and is intended as a guide to the proportion of study time each topic requires. It is essential that all topics in the syllabus are studied, as all topics will be examined.


Cima C01: Fundamentals Of Management Accounting



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