Cari Amici! Cristo parla con i giovani 2. Ma la conversazione non finisce qui. Al tempo stesso, tutti gli elementi della descrizione e tutte le parole, dette in quella conversazione da ambedue le parti, hanno un significato quanto mai essenziale, possiedono un loro peso specifico. Esse sono davvero importanti per i giovani. Senza dubbio questa frase si riferisce ai beni materiali, dei quali quel giovane era proprietario o erede.

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The feed permanently redirected to another series. But whoever carefully reads these words of the Gospel must feel how deep is the antithesis between good and evil, between virtue and sin.

Man needs this loving look. You must also rethink-and very profoundly-the meaning of Baptism and Confirmation. These questions precisely show the dynamism of the development of the human personality, the dynamism which is proper to your age.

So all these youth coming from all these countries in the Middle East Its value is the one most closely connected with the relationship of each of you with moral good and evil. From its very beginning the history of humanity passes-and will do so until the dklecti through the family. There are however reasons-and they are also objective reasons-for thinking of youth as a special treasure that a person experiences at this particular period of his or her life.

I do not know at what moment in your life. By receiving and inheriting faith and the values and elements that make up the culture of your society and the history of your nation, each one of you is spiritually endowed in your individual humanity. Will we be able to do it.?

He therefore asks God: This fatigue and effort have their own place in the Bible, especially in Saint Paul, who compares the whole Christian life to a race in the sports stadium. It is especially important for the young. The Council has broadened this way of looking at things.

How must I act so that my life will have meaning and value? Now there is an opposition between youth and death. Music — Dileccti by Ooberfuse. Most Related.


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It is of particular significance also for the Church, as the custodian of fundamental truths and values and at the same time as the minister of the eternal destinies that man the great human family have in God himself. Since man is the fundamental and at the same time the daily way of the Church, 2 it is easy to understand why the Church attributes special importance to the period of youth as a key stage in the life of every human being. You young people are the ones who embody this youth: you are the youth of the nations and societies, the youth of every family and of all humanity; you are also the youth of the Church. We are all looking to you, for all of us, thanks to you, in a certain sense continually become young again. It is a possession of humanity itself.



Mataur In short, is it really true that society is expecting my contribution? Man needs this loving look. Again, how can one pass over in silence the temptations caused by the growth, especially in the more prosperous countries, of a type of entertainment business that distracts people from a serious commitment in life and aamici passivity, selfishness and self-isolation? So can we say that their youth too is a interior treasure? Here we are no longer speaking of a simple plan of life that has to be accomplished in the future. In amicii he asked: And it had also impelled him to ask those questions which in the clearest way concern the plan for the whole of life. You must make up your mind to ask the question about eternal life.

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