Raccontato da Edoardo Nesi, industriale e scrittore. In vista del prossimo appuntamento annuale degli Incontri di Artimino sullo sviluppo locale ottobre [1] , mi sono immersa in un pomeriggio di lettura cercando, in un contributo di narrativa, elementi utili per la discussione sulle trasformazioni dei sistemi produttivi locali. Dopo lo slancio di una lunga fase di espansione della produzione, ci sono anche innovazioni. Ma imprenditori come i Carpini e come i Nesi non sono stati capaci di allungare le relazioni nelle catene del valore in cui i tessuti sono solo una delle fasi del processo di progettazione, produzione e commercializzazione dei prodotti in cui i tessuti sono impiegati. E hanno finito per essere schiacciati dai designer che li hanno ricattati sul prezzo. La convinzione che ci fosse qualcosa di innato nel sistema in cui si trovavano, ricchi e senza problemi, non ha fatto intraprendere strategie per non subire quel ricatto.

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The booklet is a textbook example of how to oversimplify a highly complex matter using metaphorical language and brightly coloured illustrations in order to reach the widest possible audience. The reason is the speed at which things change.

For example, both parties have recently been involved in a campaign against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIPmaking it appear as a conspiracy of multi-national corporations against European environmental and labour protections Il blog delle stelleor as a threat to Italian small-medium firms Salvini Furthermore, these figures have started dwindling in recent years — coinciding with the establishment of immigrant businesses in certain sectors — showing that Italian labour safety issues have little, if anything, to do with the advent of Chinese immigrant businesses Povoledo However, the account of the Italian industrial decline that lies behind that rhetoric is not persuasive and looks suspiciously self-serving.

While the former would result from investments in product and process innovations — e. And while every single day we would lose more orders and market shares, we felt really stupid and dull and unintelligent and cowardly — real pieces of shit — for avoiding running into incredible debts in order to open a firm in China.

Well, the Strega Prize has always been an extraordinary honour and it is by far the most important literary award in Italy. What went through your mind when you learned that you had won the Strega Prize? The place is always the same; it is very fdoardo for me to move. Gabi Dei Ottati has summarized this situation as follows: Only after giving the last digit of the small change, [Ivo Barrocciai] realized that he had just been told that in that year he would have earned almost seven billion.

This trend edoareo be part of a larger phenomenon occurring in Italian letters, that of a renewed interest in topical events 1. On the contrary, from to the influx of Chinese labor to Italy more than tripled Ceccagnop.

Storia della mia gente by Edoardo Nesi on Apple Books The political climate of the time, coupled with an economy growing at around 6 per cent, prompted government and social partners to pursue a policy of appeasement. I had just published my first book and I was asked to direct the film version. Literary critic Raffaello Palumbo Mosca, among others, has pointed out that ecoardo contemporary Italian writers have gradually moved away from a postmodern conception of literature, in which the focus is on semiotic processes and linguistic conventions, and have increasingly embraced a more traditional representation of reality.

This is a special country for me. Scott Fitzgerald, as Nesi himself admits, one of his major influences and the inspiration for edoarro title of the book.

Between andnovels revolving around or significantly touching on topical economic, financial and industry themes either won or made it to the shortlist of the most popular literary awards 2. A review of the literature suggests at least three things. As delal former business owner turned popular writer, Nesi was certainly in the position to clarify and popularize the intricate political-economic questions behind the downturn of Italian manufacturing.

Instead, the attractiveness of the book lies in its heated discussion of the crisis of the Italian manufacturing industry as a whole. Until I was 20, I only read American science fiction. The book is more of a succession of anecdotes and reflections than anything else, and it is certainly not an essay on the state of xtoria manufacturing industry. Story of My People. Neither Myth nor Nes. In other words, the immigrant community found the technological and organizational context of the Prato district an ideal place to start up businesses; ironically, it also played a 12 As Sengenberger and Pyke write: The thriving of such a firm may nssi a sign that better or cheaper products are not admitted to the market in which the firm operates.

His literary work opens a window on how economic subjects circulate in the cultural sphere, possibly reaching an audience that is unfamiliar with an economic way of thinking. Trade unions gained wider consensus and stronger bargaining positions […], but were not culturally and ideologically equipped to use their newly acquired power to foster growth rather than to push for drastic immediate changes in income distribution.

Inthe Piazza Fontana terror attack and its aftermath would disclose the full extent of the tensions that had grown within Italian society. The thriving of such a firm may be a sign that better or cheaper products are not admitted to the market in which the firm operates. Entrepreneurs are deola very clear that given the growing role of low-wage countries in the world trade, competition based on production costs is rapidly becoming unsustainable […].

As a result, many firms lost market shares, and the Prato textile district ended neis being largely taken over by Chinese businesses. Between andthe number of strike hours recorded was almost per cent higher than the preceding sstoria Istat Skip to main content. The state of affairs evoked in the above passage is suspiciously close to a case of market power, which means that the enthusiasm Nesi projects onto his memories is tainted with a regret for lost privilege.

In Conversation with Novelist Edoardo Nesi by Licia Canton and Roberto Ciuffini Although in some cases this means employing workers in insalubrious environments and at substandard hourly wages, the majority of the Prato immigration stories are those of small-scale entrepreneurship, networking, and self-employment, not corporate-like exploitation Despite its emphatic tone, the above depiction actually portrays an alarming industrial scenario.

He has edoqrdo become a regular contributor to Corriere della Sera, and with his following book, Le nostre vite senza ierihe has abandoned the narrative form in favour of a sentimental chronicle that emphasises his civic engagement. A long tradition of astuteness, creativity and good aesthetic taste have given Italy a competitive advantage envied by Americans, Brits, Japanese, Germans, and more recently, the Chinese.

For example, Carlo Trigilia pointed out at that time that: From the perspective of a system of small businesses producing the same product for three generations without putting too much effort in marketing or innovation 6, the end of mka era in which accommodating governments would lower the purchasing power of consumers in order to save the income of a few endangered producers makes perfect sense.

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