I am interested in buying it and other quality Metford bayonet conversions to fighting knives Please email me through the contact page if you have this one or others to sell. That is why there is a contact page for your input and questions. You will find this is a "visitor friendly" site! You will not find me trashing you on some other website or forum, or using your photos or text without your knowledge or your permission. Seems to me like the way all people and forums ought to treat each other. Thanks for stopping by!

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Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous sellers who intentionally attempt to sell reproduction knives as originals. This does the market no favours and rips off genuine buyers who purchase in good faith.

In order to avoid the potential problem of our own pieces being sold as originals, we clearly mark all our knives with the initials. This is deeply hand-stamped on the lower guard face of each knife.

We also stamp our scabbards accordingly. If you ever see this mark on any FS knife, FS scabbard, smatchet or SOE knife being sold as an original WW2 piece, please report such sales directly to us that we might take appropriate action and alert the serious collectors community. Ever mindful of the collecting fraternity, he has etched the blade with his name and stamped the crossguard with his initials, given the grip a slightly different style of knurling.

The knife and scabbard is a well crafted tribute to the original knifemakers and the men who carried it. I receive my 1st pattern from Mr Macdonald today and it took my breath away. All I can say is WOW!! Its hard to believe anything so deadly can also be beautiful. The fit and finish are superb and the workmanship and attention to original detail is outstanding. Mr Macdonald set out to pay homage to the original first patterns and has done so in an outstanding manner. I believe Mr Fairbairn and Mr Sykes would approve.

I know mine will be the centre of my small military collection. This is the second knife I have from Mr Macdonald and you can be sure I will be adding more. This knife is a superb copy of what Fairbairn, Sykes and Wilkinson achieved as a team during the early days of WWII, with a balance, size, and appearance identical to the originals.

Mine will slice newsprint, a test I use to demonstrate a razor edge. For those FS fans out there who have been hanging back, wondering whether or not to take the plunge for one of these, my suggestion is to wait no longer. I have an original First Pattern with which to compare. Balance, weight, appearance and just overall appeal are faultless in this replica, and I am delighted with it.

They were responsive to unique requests and executed the product reproduction flawlessly. Thank you for your attention to detail and smooth transaction.

They are amazing. I really feel as though I have a piece of history in my hands. I can say 1st class reproduction. Your first pattern blade will be displayed next to the original first pattern Wilkinson knife. The standard you have set leaves little or no room for improvement. Based on the quality of your work it my intention to add a second pattern knife of your making to my collection. We were delighted with the quality of the end result and the detailed levels of etching. Highly recommended.

I saw a unique Kilt Pin on the site, and it was exactly what I was looking for, I knew immediately I had found traditional craftsmen. Paul also accepted my challenge of creating a scaled version of the Fairbairn Sykes Commando Dagger that did not look like a letter opener. Put Swagger in the Dagger. Per Mare Per Terram" J. Macdonld Armouries supplied a superb replica scabbard which is as original as it gets.

The knife looks fabulous in it, and I am very pleased indeed. It seems unfair to call it a reproduction, it is more a continuation of a fine tradition. The quality is tops and the feel is identical to an original. It is accompanied by a first class traditional sheath. Thanks Maestro for a very fine fighting knife.

She plans a life in the military and this is a gift for her upon which her very life may one day rely. Seeing the craftsmanship employed in the knife reassures me that it will serve her well.

I would recommend your skills and craftsmanship to anyone seeking a quality handmade knife. Many thanks for your excellent workmanship" J. Adams "I write to thank you for hand delivering my 1st pattern F-S dagger and scabbard last week. You have produced such an amazing piece of history and I am absolutely stunned and overjoyed with the end product. The meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship and balance are almost identical to that of the original which is a testament to your work.

As a former Royal Marines Commando, the F-S dagger symbolises and means so much to me and those who have taken the Commando path in life. Only professionals could realize and achieve such items. I understand why you are commissioned to produce FS knifes for many countries.

Very good job. I shall keep in mind your service in order to pursue other orders and follow your FS knife collection with interest. This blade is truly a work of art and one I will cherish and then pass down to my son. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate how quickly you pushed through the making and personalised etching of the knife which arrived the day before the wedding. My husband opened it surrounded by his guard of honour and they all admired the skilfully made blade.

The etching is superb and the knife was the perfect present for my husband who has had an extremely busy year returning from tour, straight onto the Commando Course, followed by our marriage and moving house. I have recommended you to so many people and we are enjoying showing everyone the knife. Thank you again! The dagger itself is superbly made, real craftsmanship, and the etching on it is fantastic. However, even more important than how good it is was the service you provided to my now wife.

To have done so much to ensure it was ready for her to give to me on our wedding day was above and beyond what anyone might have expected. Not knowing about what she was getting me, it meant a huge amount to me and even more so when she told me what efforts you had made to get it to her on time.

Thank you so much. Kind regards. It is a very nice Piece of kit. Many thanks for making that FS Knife for me. It looks good. I like how the balance is where it should be, about an inch or so from the hand guard and I love the sheath. I do appreciate that the edge is at a steeper angle than most modern "commando" knives which will make it easier to sharpen on my own.

I am really glad I decided to buy this. The craftsmanship and beauty of the Armouries knife adds wonderfully to my collection. This knife will become a family treasure and is a fitting tribute to my Father and all of his Commando comrades. She arrived at about 9 am. All I can say is Mega! It is ten times the knife that others are sending out.

I love it, seems too good to take on tour but I think the best way to pay homage is to use it in service. I will be recommending your work to every one who will listen. Thanks again. I own several FS made by different makers and in different patterns. Thanks to Paul and his crew. A proud tradition to own. I have been collecting war tools for some time, including Fairbairn designed blades and implements. I can say with no reservation that your reproductions are the finest in the World.

It is apparent that you have gone to great lengths to insure your products embody all of the spirit as the original items they are derived from. Not only is the appearance spot on, the other aspects are as well. The balance and textures are identical in every aspect. Such fine attention to detail and quality craftsmanship can only come from a skilled artisan who has worked years to perfect his technique and the materials used.

Despite owning originals, I consider your reproductions to be among my most cherished possessions. When I am in the field I am fully trustful to your blades performing, and at the times when an unexpected failure would result in disaster.

I carried an original 1st pattern for some time. Now that I can carry a blade with all of the handling traits of the genuine article, but produced in RWL, I would not carry anything less. Your heat treatment is perfect, as are the grinds of the beautiful blade. The polish of the blade is the best of any F-S blade I have seen. The benefit of utilizing the RWL has been very evident, not only in greater resistance to wear, but also in its ability to maintain a lasting polish.

It also allows for a finer finish on the edge as well. In addition to the blade, it appears that the sheath was also crafted with extensive attention to detail. From the careful selection of utilized hardware, to that of the leather itself, it is true to original, and of the utmost quality and craftsmanship.


Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife

Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous sellers who intentionally attempt to sell reproduction knives as originals. This does the market no favours and rips off genuine buyers who purchase in good faith. In order to avoid the potential problem of our own pieces being sold as originals, we clearly mark all our knives with the initials. This is deeply hand-stamped on the lower guard face of each knife. We also stamp our scabbards accordingly.


British Commando Took Out ISIS Fighter With a WW2 Fairbairn-Sykes Knife

Sn - An excellent original 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife. The 3rd pattern knife was introduced in and issue of the knives to Commandos continued into the modern era. It is complete with original leather scabbard with external chape and single belt loop with elasticated retaining strap. It retains its 4 leather sewn on tabs.

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