Start your review of Fighting Theory Write a review Dec 29, Matthew Wilder rated it it was amazing Lets maybe knock a couple of stars off there. Avital Ronell, now nearing seventy, got Me Tood by a doodwith the hilarious name of Nimrod. Surely Avital will get the two registers in which we laughingly speak that nameone High Hebraic, one Beavis and Buttheadian. The story told by the Nimrod is one of generational misunderstanding. Have you never worked for a successful, ego-ful, somewhat babyish boss? Because we all, boys and girls, have.

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Fighting Theory A critical autobiographical overview of the work of Avital Ronell International interest in the work of Avital Ronell has expressed itself in reviews, articles, essays, and dissertations. What do philosophy and literary studies have to learn from each other? How does Ronell place her work within gender studies?

What does psychoanalysis have to contribute to contemporary thought? What propels one in our day to Nietzsche, Derrida, Nancy, Bataille, and other philosophical writers? How important are courage and revolt? Intense and often ironic, Fighting Theory is a poignant self-reflection of the worlds and walls against which Avital Ronell has crashed.

Avital Ronell is widely regarded as one of the most productive, established, and shrewd literary and cultural theorists of our time. These essays are startling not only in their lucidity but also in the open address that follows from the conversational form. What is most compelling is to see such a strong thinker reflecting on her own thinking in the midst of the other.

She shows thought as a kind of undoing and redoing, offering a powerful dynamic to philosophical reflection. It is a tour de force. She is a psychoanalyst in Paris.

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Fighting Theory

Biography[ edit ] Avital Ronell was born in Prague to Israeli diplomats and was a performance artist before entering academia. She attended Rutgers Preparatory School and graduated in Ronell reads Conversations with Eckermann as a return from beyond the grave of the great master of German literature and science. Ronell names Goethe the "secret councilor Geheimrat " of Freud and already anticipates her work on the Rat Man in the third footnote where she alludes to the "suppository logic, inserting the vital element into the narrative of the other. Ronell starts to address the fiction of the writer as a particularly admirable human being and argues for the necessary passivity of the writer as a human being. Ronell also troubles the notion of a body of work as a totality. The Telephone Book: Technology — Schizophrenia — Electric Speech [ edit ] Ronell questions the operations that such ordinary objects as the telephone and book dictate.


Avital Ronell




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