The film mixes animation with some scenes made in live-action interpreted by Mauricio de Sousa in his studio. The film shows 4 individual stories that end up linking through the characters interacting with Mauricio through phone calls. Plot[ edit ] The film begins showing a live-action shoot focusing on Mauricio de Sousa working at his desk until he starts receiving phone calls from his characters: Monica , Jimmy Five , Smudge , Maggy , Franklin and Blu at the same time that Mauricio also talks with the viewer presenting each of the characters who just discovered that they would be in a film. While Mauricio looks for inspiration to create the plot of the film, the film moves into the comics and focuses on the animated characters. The first story is focused on Jimmy Five and Smudge creating several plans to try to make a prank with Monica, but all the gadgets created by Jimmy Five eventually fail and turn against him in a style of humor similar to the Wile E.

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When Monica made her first appearance was in a strip of Jimmy Five in , at first as a secondary rival of main character. For most of the 60s she was considered a supporting role for Jimmy Five, however her popularity increased significantly at the end of the same decade when Mauricio received a contract with the food company CICA a defunct and now Unilever-owned Brazilian company to use Monica and Thunder another Mauricio de Sousa character to appear in television commercials.

This rabbit, which she loves so dearly, is also a weapon against boys. She is described as possessing powerful usually even superhuman strength, which she uses to beat up boys who tease her or to defend herself and her friends. She is known by the other characters as the "ruler of the street".

She is often at odds with Jimmy Five Cebolinha , but backs him up whenever he gets into trouble. Works as a designer for pieces of furniture. Seu Sousa Mr. He is based on Mauricio de Sousa himself as his surname indicates , but he is a separate character.

He works in a business company. Samson is a constant victim of Jimmy Five, Smudge or other boys who love to tie his ears in knots. In a strip from the same time it was revealed that the reason boys were afraid of the rabbit was because Monica carried a brick inside him to beat them, [16] but this idea was dropped over time when Monica went on to demonstrate super strength. In some old stories is also revealed that inside him lives an elf-like imp.

Delilah , who rarely appears in comics and is used more in marketing. Ditto looks so much like her including the Banana-like hair and the prominent teeth that the boys decided to buy it with the initial purpose of mocking her as soon as they saw the pooch on a pet shop window. However, their plan backfired, as both Ditto and Monica got along immediately and now stick together. The very first edition shows a drastic change in Monica and her friends since childhood when they were 7 years old.

Monica is brave and no longer tormented by the boys in Limoeiro even though she is still strong and temperamental. On the other hand, her buckteeth and hair stay the same. She develops a passion for Jimmy Five that ends up with them dating over the comics with many fights and jealousy in high-comedy misadventures. Despite having changed in some ways, she still has an adventurous spirit and continues to use her super strength to stop the enemies that appear.

The games were based on the Wonder Boy franchise, and their adaptations were exclusive to Brazil. In the adaptations of these games, Monica and her friends replace the protagonists.

Reception and Legacy[ edit ] Monica is often considered and referred to as the most popular character and icon in Brazilian comics and cartoons.


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