This affordable, competitively priced chassis retains many of thenew SS chassis and suspension features ready to accept your choice of electronics. The Hyper SS EP chassis can accommodate most of todays current crop of high performance brushless motors, speed controllers and LiPo batteries. The moulded battery tray features three quick release Hook and Loop straps perfect for 2S, 3S and 4S packs and also a raised platform to mount your esc off the chassis avoiding the chance of damaging chassis slaps off jumps. If you are looking for a different dual battery layout either side of the centre driveline, an optional battery layout package is available.

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Turn engine over with the starter box whilst blocking the exhaust outlet with your finger until fuel is pumped into the engine. The engine cranking speed will increase slightly as the fuel lubricates the internal parts. Remove your finger from the exhaust outlet, but continue cranking the engine for 30 seconds, to clear any excess fuel from the engine. Stop cranking the engine, and refit the glowplug and washer. This will reduce the compression, lessen the load on the starter box and engine components too.

Switch on the radio and car, attach the glow starter and attempt to start. Tighten the plug. The car is now ready to drive. This is perfectly normal, and will reduce dramatically and probably disappear, during the running in period. If it does lock up, remove the glowplug, turn the car over, and lever the flywheel over with a large flat bladed screwdriver until its possible to turn the flywheel easily with your finger. Then repeat step 3. These pegs ensure the alignment of the flywheel relative to the rubber starter box wheel.

A little time spent checking the alignment, and subsequent regular checks, are essential. If the starter rubber wheel is turning, and the alloy serrated flywheel is not, the rubber wheel will be destroyed very quickly again not a warranty issue, as the rubber wheel can only be damaged by a locked engine and not manufacture.

If the engine is flooded, locked up or pinched, refer to points 3 and 4 above to clear it, before continuing. There is only a small amount of clearance here, and any amount of catching will slow the cranking speed enough to stop the engine from firing. Excessive weight used to press car onto box can distort the box case and cause the case to catch the rubber wheel too. If the case is catching the wheel, remove approx 10mm of plastic from the slot, to allow clearance.

Care must be taken so as not to cut the rubber wheel itself though.


HoBao Hyper SS



Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy


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