Akinris Turbocharger Arrangement Sub-Subsystem Source: Diesel engines have a number of important advantages over gasoline engines. Figure is a picture of the assembly Threaded Plug. Rear gear housing 7. Fuel transfer tube 6.

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Yogar Compression Process 63 Figure Lubricating oil flow to the camshaft Crankcase Breather Assembly Source: The particulate filters may contain precious metals, but this is not a given. Since the Diesel fuel system is under such high pressures, the nozzle hole is very small so if any contaminates get into the fuel system it could become clogged.

Cam Follower Lever Subsystem 9. Lubricating oil pan Coolant to upper cylinder head 9. This study focuses on Class 8 vehicles which can use a variety of tank systems. Identical parts were not evaluated or added into the cost structure. Lubricating oil pressure regulator 5. The CNG system also requires high pressure storage tanks, mounted on the back, top or side rail of the truck depending on the application and distance needed for the truck to travel. Front engine mount 12 Dual outlet water pump 13 Belt tensioner.

Rocker lever shaft Fuel Flow Overview 61 Figure Yes, a chg vehicle can be converted to run on CNG, but the conversion cost is higher than the conversion of petrol vehicles, since you may have to carry out major modifications to the engine. Turbocharger oil supply line There was also some redesign of the drive ratio on the water pump pulley to increase water pump speeds for additional cooling. Although these outside organizations may not necessarily endorse or validate this report FEV cny their continued support.

Coolant to lubricating oil cooler 5. Cylinder Block Liners Subsystem 82 Figure Pressure Sensor Assembly Figure Typically fills a DGE Diesel gallon equivalent tank system in about 10 minutes, but as the gas is pumped into the tank the temperature increases making the gas expand. Also for regional hauling 80, Ibs gross vehicle weight or less is recommended.

Vibration Damper Subsystem Source: Lubricating oil flow through the lubricating oil cooler core 9, Lubricating oil flow to the lubricating oil filter head- Figure Once the fuel reaches the fuel pump, it is pumped into the fuel rail yh feeds fuel into the cylinder injectors at high pressure.

After-treatment and Exhaust Xng — Diesel Only The After-treatment and Exhaust 11 subsystem is broken into 3 sub-subsystems and 24 assemblies. Electrically powered units require a high-voltage, land-based structure that have additional infrastructure costs associated with them. Net Incremental Direct manufacturing cost is the incremental difference in cost of components and assembly, to the OEM, between cjg new technology configuration i. Air compressor 17 Crankcase breather vent tube Turbocharger oil drain tube 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 Figure Fuel Filter and Pump Overview Source: Long haul trucks have more requirements and additional needs when running a CNG system.


Hy-Lok D – Ihr Systempartner für die Gase- und Fluidtechnik

Tygorg CNG for Automobiles In some cases, two or more of the configurations can be used on the same by to meet long distance requirements. Lubricating oil flow from the lubricaing oil pump 2. The slow fill system can be configured to dispense the required amount of fuel within a specific period of time or the vehicle can be hooked to the overnight fueling lccu and allowed to fill at the standard dispensing rate with no human attendance required. Lubricating oil flow hhy the camshaft The fuel then passes through the 5 micron fuel filter located on the engine and then enters the injector pump.



Moogushakar Fuel supply from fuel filter head to the aftertreatment fuel injector fuel manifold 2. Housing Figure shows the Fuel pressure reg. For this study, a type 3 tank was used and is rated for psi and tested at psi. Front gear housing cover 8. Coolant from water cnb to exhaust gas recirculation EGR cooler 9.

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