Vozil Throughout the book Mr. Click Here Special Discount: Jonh, even if you just make a movie once a year with your friends or just like watching movies this book will be hard to put down. Excellent book for directors who want to improve their grasp on the workings of a script, scene by scene. Goes to the Movies.

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Its been one of the most useful books Ive read about directing actors for the screen. If anyones qualified to do a nuts and bolts book about directing, John Badham is your guy. No one can teach you everything about directing in a book.

Actors need different things from their director. Directors have different cinematic styles. How to deal with an actor who is creatively blocked. Why you need to slow fast action down, and how to do it convincingly. How to deal with actors who want to do their own stunts. Badham has interviewed director and actor friends, and the book is filled with insightful quotations.

My only complaint, really, about this book, is that I wish it were a lot thicker. Nolan rated it it was amazing I know exactly how you feel. You finished John Badhams first book Ill be in my Trailer, and wished desperately that hed come out with another book.

His interviews were so entertaining, his lessons so accessible, and his overall conversational tone so delightfulone book wasnt enough! Well, Professor Badham as Ill always think of him, since I took his classes at Chapman University has written another book just for you! And all the other millions of people who were wishing for the same thing. I know exactly how you feel. Just as in his first book, Professor and Director Badham draws upon his decades of experience to teach future directors how to treat others in the industry with kindness.

In my three years at Chapman, Professor Badham was the only teacher who took that attitude. While the first book was mostly focused on the director-actor relationship, John Badham On Directing broadens the syllabus to other aspects of directing.

Always humble, always entertaining, Director Badham uses his triumphs and mistakes as lessons in how to keep tension in a scene and how to keep the big picture in mind at all times. When I read it, I kept imagining his delightful voice reading it aloud.

These are in a class by themselves. No pun intended.


John Badham on Directing



John Badham On Directing: Notes from the Set of Saturday Night Fever, War Games, and More


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