Data collection was done through observation researching Barru hospital on January Futhermore, data analysis was performed using a Markov chain to forecasting the status of the patient. The data used in the form of secondary data. The process of calculation is done by creating a database program to complement the management information system of patients at the hospital, and then create a program to make it easier to determine the value of matrix multiplication using Visual Basic 6. The predicted results concluded that patients admitted to hospital with severe illness have the opportunity to be healthy greater than the previous period. Selanjutnya dilakukan analisis data dengan menggunakan rantai Markov untukforecasting status pasien.

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Shamuro More information and software credits. The performace is a cognitive ability of employees. Seismic reflection images of the Great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake rupture: Deformation and slip along markof Sunda megathrust in the great Nias-Simeulue earthquake.

Tidak dapat dipungkiri, mie memang sudah menjadi bagian penting dalam pola makan rumah tangga, tidak hanya di perkotaan tetapi juga di pedesaan. Graph clustering is the task of grouping the vertices of the graph into clusters taking into consideration the edge structure of the graph in such a way that there should be many edges within each cluster and relatively few between the clusters. This analysis will give a segmentation on Microsoft games to find out, which game is the most favorite.

Pemahaman Geologi Daerah Frontier: Persaingan untuk mendapatkan yang terbaik telah menempatkan konsumen sebagai pengambil keputusan. Results for the Konto River and River showed that the prediction of flow Kwayangan next year makov Markov chain models tend to give better results than the results of forecasting by conventional methods are widely applied.

Aseismic zone and earthquake segmentation associated with a deep subducted seamount in Sumatra. Markov Chain Model is a stochastic model for forecasting the river flow which in his analysis always involves a mzrkov series of historical data. Competition forthe best hasput consumersas decisionmakers. This study is an attempt to optimize the application of Markov Chain Model for its functionality extensively to extrapolate data streams. Wide angle seismic refraction imaging of the Northern Sumatra Subduction Zone.

Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Utrecht. Models and statistics Documents. The result from the behaviour analysis will be tested for the four male employees. Perusahaan yang memproduksi manufaktur pada saat ini berkembang dengan pesat sehingga permasalahan yang ada harus dihadapi oleh perusahaan akan semakin meningkat.

Recent investigations of submarine hydrothermal activity in Indonesia. Shiftingconsumption patternsprovedpositive impact onthe instantfood industry, especially theinstant noodle industry. Employees might experience boredom while facing the same situation and job while working with the computer. Questions on Markov Chain Documents.

Besides, the duration of playing a game does not affect the max total job and the total errors of job. By knowing these characteristics, the error correction of analysis results can be expected due to data limitations, so that the Markov Chain Model can be widely applied to optimization of waterworks operations.

Perilaku konsumen menitikberatkan pada aktivitas yang berhubungan dengan konsumsi dari individu. Performance analysis is done to find out the effect of game resulted from behaviour analysis to the performance. Jurnap rupture and large tsunami. This Author published in this journals. Neotectonics of the Southern Sumatran Forearc. Berdasarkan hasil analisis Rantai Markov dengan menggunakan software QM 2. Rantao Chain Hitting Times Documents. Deep seismic reflection images of the Wharton Basin oceanic crust and uppermost mantle offshore Northern Sumatra: Related Articles.



Markov pada tahun Dalam analisis markov yang dihasilkan adalah suatu informasi probabilistik yang dapat digunakan untuk membantu pembuatan keputusan, jadi analisis ini bukan suatu teknik optimisasi melainkan suatu teknik deskriptif. Analisis Markov merupakan suatu bentuk khusus dari model probabilistik yang lebih umum yang dikenal sebagai proses Stokastik Stochastic process. Jumlah probabilitas transisi untuk suatu keadaan awal dari sistem sama dengan 1.





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