Cassandra Palmer 2 Members. An edition of this book was published by Tantor Media. Claimed by Shadow 3. The second half grew more interesting as it slowed down to breathe slightly and there was some returns of characters from the first book, as well as interesting new ones, and the ending excelled with how she finally becomes Pithia. In fact, these are the best parts of the book.

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After refreshing the basics of the storyline and the characters background, the story speeds up quickly. It is fast-paced, full of action, filled with different kinds of supernatural creatures. You are only at the second chapter, but you already witnessed a battle with mages and the Graeae, a time-travel meeting with ghosts and with a past version of Mircea, saving his life, and some softening of the attitude of the always-sneering Pritkin.

Chance mixes supernatural and fantasy elements, Greek and Norse mythology, smartly borrows from classics and uses historical personalities and facts, and has some really special ideas, such as the magical enchanted tattoos. It would really be nice if the universe could stop throwing creatures out of fables, myths and nightmares at me. Even though it has a very heartbreaking momentum, regarding the future of Cassie it is very important.

The time-travels are thrilling, and give the opportunity for Cassie to show how brave and quick-witted she is. Furthermore, Ms. Chance presents secondary, even tertiary characters making the story more complex and impressive. I enjoyed the sensual aspects of vampirism, and seeing Mircea is always a pleasure. Finally she comes to the conclusion that embracing the power is the best she could do in the given circumstances.

Her reasoning is convincing, logical, and solid, but she is the most unconventional Pythia of all time. Pritkin sneered. It was what he did best, other than for killing things. Pritkin is lethal, stubborn, and morose as usual, but also a very handy ally of Cassie.

Not to mention that he finally takes off his shirt My least favorite war mage was heading across the lobby at a dead run. His short blond hair looked like it had been hacked at by a machete, and his icy green eyes were angry. I loved when his passion burst through his collected, elegant surface. I really look forward to seeing how he and Cassie will solve this ever-growing and overwhelming situation.

This was no vague frisson of passion. The craving had lain smoldering, waiting for the proper fuel, and now it ignited into a roaring blaze. It was like drowning in a river of molten lava. I felt it in his veins for an instant, pleasure as sharp as pain, before it poured into mine in a scalding wash of desire.

I felt myself flounder, falling into heat, falling away from thought to a place that was all-consuming sensation. Sweet fire. I like him very much! In Touch the Dark you got only glimpses of him, and only through his acts. Here, he gives some explanation, tells about his past, and shows real wisdom and comforting logic.

Billy Joe was fun as usual, especially after his embodiment in Faery. But I honestly felt for him when they came back to this dimension. I love Casanova as he struggles to keep himself and Dante above the water. Or fire Myra is a scary antagonist with her sweet, dollish appearance and evil, malevolent personality. Agnes surely was a very capable Pythia, as even in her death she selflessly helps Cassie and never turns her back on her calling.

All in all The story is very exciting, smartly built and tricky, and it never lets you take a rest. It is also full of humor!


Serie di Cassandra Palmer di Karen Chance [agg.4°libro]

Voto: Trama: Cassandra Palmer ha un dono: riesce a leggere il futuro e a comunicare con gli spiriti. Di solito i fantasmi non sono pericolosi, parlano molto e hanno voglia di sfogarsi, ma tutto qui. Successivamente il lettore potrebbe arrivare a giudicarlo pessimo, ambiguo o incredibile in base ai gusti ma in un primo momento continua a essere semplicemente indefinibile. Intrigante, sensuale e originale quanto basta per stuzzicare ogni amante del genere Urban Fantasy… Peccato che non tiri fuori il meglio di se stesso! Certo, se non vogliamo considerare la grafica della copertina che assolutamente perfetta con la sua erotica eleganza, per non dire attinenza, per una volta, al libro.





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