Lebih panjang daripada epik India, Mahabarata, dan Ramayana. Juga nisbi lebih panjang daripada epik Yunani, Homerus. Sayangnya popularitas La Galigo di tanah air masih kurang dibandingkan epik India. Padahal bagi sebagian masyarakat Bugis yang menganut agama lokal, kepercayaan Tolotang, posisi La Galigo sebenarnya ialah kitab suci mereka. Sumber foto: Istimewa Indonesia tak sedikit memiliki kekayaan warisan budaya tulis yang bernilai tinggai. Bukan saja bernilai historis, tak sedikit naskah tua yang juga bernilai susastra yang artistik dan bahkan sarat nilai-nilai spiritual atau keagamaan.

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The back area of the boat is our broad dive deck with twin curved stair cases. A well equipped preparation deck is next up from this with ample space to kit up into your gear with out the hassles of a crowded dive boat. The homey lounge area towards the vessels center gives our new friends a perfect place to trade stories about the days diving and download brilliant photographs of your day. This space has many power points for charging and preparing your laptop, camera and video equipment.

This space also has a large TV and a well stocked bookcase for your entertainment. This is also the place to enjoy the delicious creations that our Head Chef has been working hard on while you where marveling at this unique underwater world. Lower Deck - Deluxe Cabin All of our Deluxe cabins come with a private en-suite bathroom with hot water showers, climate control, and American spring mattresses.

The Deluxe option is perfect for anyone who might suffer from sea sickness due to their lower positioning on the vessel and their tendency to move less if there is some swell. The rear two deluxe cabins may be altered to accommodate 2 singles or 1 double, so please make us aware of your preference when booking with us. Both our Master cabins can either be prepared as two single beds or a double, so please let us know what is required when booking direct with us.

The balcony offers degree panoramic views of the Archipelago, and is a delightful place to unwind after a hard days diving.


Menunggu La Galigo Kembali ke Indonesia

The Indonesian Government has announced that its borders will be closed to all foreign tourists entering the country as of Friday, 20th March These measures have been announced to be in place for one month at this stage. La Galigo will be postponing current operations effective immediately to ensure the safety of all guests and all of our crew during this hard time. Due to the ever-changing nature of this worldwide event, La Galigo has made the decision to postpone all currently scheduled trips from now, until 3rd September , to ensure that we can provide you with a safe, memorable experience, and allow ourselves operations to recommence in a manner that will ensure integrated schedule continually with the seasonal nature of the diving industry.


La Galigo, sebuah Kitab Suci Asli Bugis

Ia berada di dunia sejak 18 atau 20 abad lalu. Jawabannya berada di Universitas Leiden. Museum Universitas Leiden memiliki cara tersendiri menyimpan naskah ini yakni di bawah suhu tetentu agar naskah tidak rusak. Ia juga memiliki cara tersendiri memegang naskah yakni peralatan khusus. Bagaimana membawa Sureq Galigo ini balik ke Indonesia?

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La Galigo Tauchsafari, Indonesien



La Galigo Liveabaord


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