About this product Ensure stamped time cards are easy to read with this Lathem time clock replacement ribbon. Keep accurate documentation of hours worked with this Lathem time clock replacement ribbon. The simple design allows for effortless loading in your office time clocks, while the bold, bright ink stands out on each card for increased visibility. This ribbon features a handy wheel, so you can tighten the settings for optimum operation.

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Page 1 Lathem Time Corporation Be sure to use your time clock after you have fully understood the hardware and software specifications and limits. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise. Place the time clock close to the wall outlet so that it is easily accessible to disconnect. Do not put a heavy object on the clock, or not forcefully press the cover of the clock.

Wall-mount fittings Screws 2 pcs. To setup your time clock, follow next steps: Unlock the key and remove the cover. Replace the cover and lock. Then the clock goes into the program mode showing the " " on the display positioned at the "TIME". Program modes Control buttons Function of 3 control buttons At that moment, the "Hour" At that moment, the "Year" At that moment, the flashing digit indicates "Order Options" At that moment, the flashing digits indicate "Order Options" Example: Change the print language into French.

Page 17 Change the "Print Activation". Semi-automatic will allow the clock to print by pressing the push bar only when a card or piece of paper is inserted. If you set as the above, the time clock remembers the start date as the last Sunday of March and the end date as the last Sunday of October. Once set, the time clock automatically updates the settings every year thereafter.

Year Month D. Example: Change March 25, of "D. START" and delete daylight saving time setting. If the password you entered does not coincide with the setting, you cannot change the setting values. You may set a password by any 4-digit number from to Note a number "" Example: Password "". Page Canceling The Password 3. Example: Cancel the password "". At that moment, first two digits "12" flashes.

The flashing means it can be changed. And then press the SET button. NOTICE: All your custom settings will be deleted and will revert to the factory defaults when the reset switch is pushed. Reset switch


100E Time Clock & Stamp



Lathem E Series Time Clock Ribbon, Purple (VIS6008)



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