Wireless-g printserver for usb 2. See Figure A. Connect the other end of the cable into your networked hub, If it does not, click the Start button and choose Run. Click Next. Page 5 The Confirmation screen appears next.

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Wireless-g printserver for usb 2. Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. First, it lets you connect a USB printer directly to your network, eliminating the need to dedicate a PC to print serving chores. Using a PrintServer frees up your "print share PC" Page Chapter 3: Connecting The Printserver 1. See Figure Connect the other end of the cable into your networked hub, switch, or router. The distance between the PrintServer and the other device should not exceed feet meters.

If it does not, click the Start button and choose Run. The Password screen, Figure , will appear next. Enter the default password admin in the field. Click Enter. The Basic Settings screen, shown in Figure , will appear. The IP Settings screen, Figure , appears next. The Confirmation screen appears next.

Your old and new settings will be displayed. If you want to make a change, click No and you will exit the Setup Wizard; You will have to start the Setup Wizard again. Page Chapter 5: Windows Driver Installation 2. When you see Figure , click User Install to continue. Click Exit to end the installation. The Welcome screen of the driver installation program, Figure , will appear first.

You will need to close any other programs you have open before you continue. Click Cancel to quit the setup program, then close the open programs. The next screen to appear is Select Program Folder, shown in Figure An icon will be added to the program folder listed.

You may change the name for the program folder, if you wish. Click Next. The Information screen appears next. Read the information, then click OK. The Printer Port Setup screen will appear, as shown in Figure , and list the PrintServer and the connected printers. The Configure Printer Port screen will appear, as shown in Figure Your installed printer will appear in the field. Click the Connect button to connect the printer for configuration.

To add another printer, click the Add New Printer button. Change these settings as described here and click the Save button to apply your changes or click Cancel to cancel your changes. The name can be located on a sticker that is on the bottom of the PrintServer. IP Address. Domain Name. Enter the name of the domain that you want the PrintServer associated with in the Domain Name field.


Linksys PSUS4 User Manual

Page 4: Chapter 1: Product Overview PrintServer to the factory default settings, Product Overview or to generate a diagnostic printout. The PrintServer will allow you to network your printers. The PrintServer has been designed to be functional right out of the box with the default settings in the Setup Wizard. Click Get Data to update the display with the current data for the selected logical printer. Details Pre-string Hex Enter the printer control string in hexadecimal characters to be sent to the printer before each print job.


PrintServer for USB with 4-Port Switch

Page Appendix C: Warranty Information Warranty Information Appendix C Appendix C: network on which the product or software is used will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack. The product Warranty Information may include or be bundled with third party software or service offerings. This limited warranty shall not apply to such third party software or service offerings. Page 22 Warranty Information Appendix C and a copy of your dated proof of original purchase when returning your product.


Linksys PSUS4 Quick Installation Manual

Graag horen wij van u hoe we dit artikel kunnen verbeteren. Deze Licentieovereenkomst voor eindgebruikers verder "Overeenkomst" genoemd is een juridisch document dat de voorwaarden bevat waaronder u de beperkte licentie krijgt voor het gebruik van bepaalde software zoals hieronder beschreven die werkt met het product. Dit product is Software die aan u in licentie is gegeven door Belkin en, indien van toepassing, door leveranciers van Belkin. Opensourcesoftware zoals hieronder gedefinieerd valt niet onder Software. Met "u" bedoelen we de koper, ontvanger of andere eindgebruiker van een Product dat de Software bevat, of de koper, ontvanger of eindgebruiker van de afzonderlijke Software. U kunt de gebruikersdocumentatie voor de Software vinden op de pagina "Ondersteuning" van de betreffende website van Belkin.


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